As a professional blockchain analysis company with years of technical publishing experience, we can highlight the power of your EOS project to the masses using exciting introductions, executive summaries, and status reports in the form of 30-60 second videos. These videos are often seen as a third-party review and endorsement for your project, which is always a good thing when you are starting to create the traction boom around your product.

Many of the projects on EOS blockchain simply won’t be understood by their intended audience because of the complexities involved. The only way to break such a barrier is to break down your project’s scope and utility into bite-sized consumable information and presentations in a format that wins every time!

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Recent Projects

More than a dozen EOS projects in review!

2+ average video releases per week

3+ real-time token data integration with telegram

Did You Know?

We are planning on tokenizing education!

BlockSense.One is developing a decentralized autonomous community called the LEARNDAC.GLOBAL. This DAC’s mission is to tokenize education for the entire world.

We are going to launch this DAC on EOS using a new token called: LEARN.  To learn more about our DAC, please subscribe to

Our Approach

Our work-flow is very simple. Connect with us via email or via Telegram.

If we accept your project, the introductory video presentation is free of charge. This allows us to showcase our work to you before creating a full project plan around your release schedule and budget.

Why Work with Us?

We are software professionals with tech publishing expertise

If you have identified an information gap between your EOS-based product and the target audience, we can help bridge that gap using our creative, professional approach to explaining everything from a third-party perspective

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