dApps are a long way from being mainstream.

Blockchain technology got started in the cryptocurrency space, which has a significant disadvantage from the mass adoption perspective. Mainstream media often highlight cryptocurrencies as anti-establishment, anti-government, etc. This can add an additional baggage for this new technology, which already has a steep learning curve for most people.

The best way to overcome the stigma and bring mass adoption is to make the new technology less of a hurdle and have extensive user-experience (UX) focus when delivering the dapps to the users. We can help!

Blockchain to Mainstream

Beyond the Early Adopters

Unlike early adopters, most users like to stick to familiar things. By making your dApp easy to access via web and other media like Telegram chat, you will gain more exposure faster and likely to get more real users sooner than expected.

Another great tool for making things easy is creating professional-grade video tutorials, how-tos and having live user sessions. Creating video contents to demonstrate, educate and convince users that you have the best-of-class solution for whatever problem you are solving is the key to mass adoption.

How can we help?

We can build user tools to make it easy for your users to interact with your applications. For example:

  • Build custom web interface
  • Write custom plugins for popular content management systems such as WordPress
  • Build interactive bots for popular platforms such as Telegram
  • Incorporate text messaging interfaces for alerts and data sharing from your app