Our Mission

Making sense of blockchains.

Blockchain technology is new and has yet to reach mass adoption. At this early stage, it is very confusing to the general public, business executives, and local and national government entities. The emergence of general purpose, high-performance blockchains such as EOS, TLOS has paved the way for many decentralized applications (dApps) that require mass adoption to be successful.

At BlockSense.One, we strive to foster mass adoption of EOS, TLOS and  dApps that are finding their ways into these ecosystems.  We do this by providing highly analyzed educational content in the form of online guides, executive summary and introductory videos, and blockchain integration tools.

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Create. Ship. Repeat.

This is our algorithm for life.
We create new artifacts — be it a tool that integrates a blockchain to the real-world users, or an executive summary video that explains a new decentralized app — and make them available to the public.  Then we repeat the process. Building new things quickly and shipping them to the public is the drive that defines our core strength.